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Single Report “Relatório Único” in Portugal

The Single Report brings together a series of crucial information about employment, working conditions, and professional training within a company and it is an essential tool for human resources management.

Deadlines and Submission

The delivery of the Single Report for the year 2023 began on March 16, 2024, and ends on April 15, 2024. The Single Report is mandatory for employers with employees under their service in the previous year (2023). It is the responsibility of the employer to fill out and submit the Single Report, using the online platform Local Units Management System, accessible at the addresswww.relatoriounico.pt

Composition of the single report

The Single Report is not limited to just numbers and statistics. It also includes attachments that provide detailed information on various aspects of the employment relationship. From employment contracts to professional training hours, including work accidents and licenses granted to employees.

• Annex A – Personnel Chart:

This attachment contains detailed information about the company's employees. It includes data such as the total number of workers, their distribution by professional categories, and any changes that occurred during the year.

• Annex B – Workers' Entry and Exit Flow:

In this attachment, all workers' entries and exits throughout the year are recorded.

• Annex C – Annual Continuous Training Report:

Here, the training actions carried out by the company's employees are detailed. It includes data on the number of training hours, the topics covered, and the results obtained.

• Annex D – Annual Report on Safety and Health Service Activities:

This attachment focuses on safety and health at work. It should include information on work accidents, prevention measures, awareness-raising actions, and other activities related to employee safety.

• Annex E – Strikes:

In this attachment, all strikes that occurred in the company during the year are recorded.

• Annex F – Service Providers (optional):

This attachment is optional and is intended for companies that use external service providers. It should include information about the contracted service providers, the services provided, and the values involved.

These annexes not only provide a detailed overview of labour practices within the company, but also serve as instruments for monitoring and evaluating the human resources policies implemented.

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