Nominaurea - Administrative support


Administrative support

NOMINAUREA works with its clients in performing administrative, accounting and financial tasks specific to each company.

Our goal is to reduce and / or eliminate existing structures and thereby reduce costs and improve business performance.

The proposals are carefully studied and analysed in order to achieve a "tailor made solution," that is more efficient and beneficial to companies.

Our services are provided through the transfer of responsibility in the management and operation of administrative, accounting and financial tasks.

We provide technical, administrative and information resources to perform the following tasks:

+ Billing

For customers who do not have or wish to have their own billing system, we have the possibility of issuing invoices, in a program certified by the tax authority.

+ Current Accounts

Registration and management of the current accounts of customers, suppliers and other debtors and creditors.

+ Shopping

Registration of all invoices of suppliers of goods and services and management of their payments.

+ Domiciliation and payment management

Control and issuance of payments to suppliers either by bank transfer or through payments to the bank.