Nominaurea - Accounting



The execution of accounting services and the corresponding technical accountability are made according to the legal national accounting system (SNC) and Internacional (IAS) using software owned by our company or clients property, who perform among others the following tasks:

+ Separation, selection, classification and computer registry of documents

Classification and registration of all economic and financial operations of the company according to the International Accounting Standards (IFRS-NCRF).

+ Tangible and Intangible asset items

Individual registration of tangible and intangible asset items, as well as the production of the respective legal reports.

+ Elaboration, analysis and issuance of a company’s financial reports (monthly, quarterly, bi-annuals and annual)

In order to control the performance and financial health of the company, including: balance sheets; P&L by nature and functions; cash flow report; accounts reports; overall review of all accounting.

+ Responsibility as Certified Accountant of our clients

In Portugal, the position of the Certified Accountant is of particular relevance in such a way that they are a privileged and obligatory interlocutor between the companies and the Tax Authorities. Therefore, all taxable persons who wish to start an activity in Portugal are required to use the services of a Certified Accountant duly accredited by the Chamber of Certified Accountants (OCC).