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Vehicles with foreign registration - Conditions of circulation in Portugal

Vehicles with foreign registration must comply with some rules to be able to circulate in national territory.

A vehicle with a foreign license plate can only be in Portugal for a maximum of 180 days during a year and even during that period, it must meet certain conditions only applicable to vehicles with license plates from EU countries:

• the driver must not reside in Portugal.

• is driven by the owner or a member of his family (spouses, unmarried partners, ascendants, and descendants in first degree);

• is driven by another person in the event of force majeure (for example, breakdown) or because of a contract for professional driving services.

The applicable regime appears in the Vehicle Tax Code, approved by Law 22-A/2007, of June 29.

It is prohibited to drive a vehicle with a foreign license plate if you reside in Portugal, or if you leave the vehicle in Portugal for more than 6 months, however there are exceptions, in particular in the case of missions, internships, studies in which the circulation of vehicles in Portugal is permitted, but limited in time, and in the case of cross-border work in which the circulation of foreign-registered vehicles is allowed to people who reside in Spain, but who work daily in Portugal. In both situations it is necessary to have a circulation guide issued by the Tax and Customs Authority.

It is possible for a resident in Portugal to circulate with a vehicle with a foreign license plate, without the need of a driving guide, if it is due to professional reasons intended for remuneration or benefit, the vehicle is not used permanently in Portugal and the owner of the vehicle is not established in Portugal.

To be able to circulate legally, you must submit the vehicle customs declaration (DAV) within the following deadlines:

• within a maximum period of 20 business days after the vehicle enters the national territory.

• within a maximum period of 100 business days after the expiration of the admission or temporary import regime.

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