Flash News NA 11/12/2023
Special Chartered Accountants

Participation of the director of Nominaurea in the Jornal Económico of 11/30/2023 (pg. 10).

Change of statutes will mark the next year for economists

Forum - The challenges for 2024 will be many, including a more fragile and equally uncertain economy, but the changes in the statutes of the professional orders will mark the agenda of the sector. The reactions are not uniform.

1. What is the impact of the new statute of the Orders on the profession?

The new statute of the professional orders aims to reduce the restrictions of access and exercise of the professions regulated by orders, guarantee greater justice and equality, avoid the precariousness of professional internships, reinforce the transparency and independence of the orders, complying with national and international recommendations. The impact of the new statute on the profession depends on the order in question, but in general one can expect a greater openness and competition in the labor market, a greater accountability and supervision of the orders and a greater protection of the beneficiaries of the services provided by the professionals.

2. The elimination of exclusive competencies will contribute to increase fraud and tax evasion

The elimination of exclusive competencies of the professional orders does not necessarily imply an increase in fraud and tax evasion, if the principles of legality, equality, proportionality and protection of relevant public interests are respected. Fraud and tax evasion are crimes that can be committed by anyone or entity, regardless of their professional qualification or affiliation to an order. The prevention and fight against fraud and tax evasion depend essentially on the effectiveness and efficiency of the tax administration and the cooperation between the competent authorities.