Flash News NA 4/04/2024
Portugal_Income statement for 2023

The campaign to submit the 2023 tax return - Model 3 began on 1 April and will continue until 30 June 2024, which will be the last day to submit the tax return via the Tax Authority's website.

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Flash News NA 3/04/2024
Chartered Accountants

New Regulations - Chartered Accountants.

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Flash News NA 26/03/2024
Single Report “Relatório Único” in Portugal

The Single Report brings together a series of crucial information about employment, working conditions, and professional training within a company and it is an essential tool for human resources management.

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Flash News NA 22/03/2024
Changes in Compensation for Teleworking; What Has Changed in Portugal?

In recent years, we have witnessed a significant evolution in the remote working regulation, with the growing adherence to teleworking in various sectors.

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Flash News NA 05/03/2024
CIT - What has changed with state budget 2023

With the end of 2023, the closing cycle now begins for most companies, except for those that have opted for a differentiated tax regime.

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Flash News NA 28/02/2024
Amends to the legal regimes of the Labour Compensation Fund and the Labour Compensation Guarantee Fund in Portugal

The legal regimes of the Work Compensation Fund (FCT) and the Guarantee Fund for Work Compensation (FGCT) have changed with the publication of DL 115/2023, of December 15th.
Regarding the FCT, the changes are profound, highlighting the definitive cessation of some of the employers' obligations, including making deliveries to the Fund, the extinction of employers' debts to the FCT and the change of the purposes for which it can be mobilized. Following these changes, the Fund will no longer be structured around individual registration accounts per employee, which will merge into a single global account per employer.

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Flash News NA 14/02/2024
End Year Account closure and tax benefits

In the end year closure of accounts, several procedures must be observed, among which we highlight the verification of tax savings resulting from the application of tax benefits in force for each year.

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Flash News NA 30/01/2024
Changes in Allowances introduced by the State Budget for 2024

In the current job market, the need for adjusting values related to travel in a personal vehicle and allowances is gaining increasing relevance to meet market demands. It is within this context that the State Budget for 2024 (SB 2024) introduces significant modifications.

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Flash News NA 04/01/2024
Vehicles with foreign registration - Conditions of circulation in Portugal

Vehicles with foreign registration must comply with some rules to be able to circulate in national territory.

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Flash News NA 11/12/2023
Special Chartered Accountants

Participation of the director of Nominaurea in the Jornal Económico of 11/30/2023 (pg. 10).

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Flash News NA 4/12/2023
Portugal_Brief analysis of the State Budget for 2024

Main tax changes introduced by the 2024 state budget in Portugal.

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Flash News NA 4/12/2023
Minimum wage for 2024 in Portugal

The national minimum wage is the minimum base remuneration that employees are entitled to receive in Portugal. This value is set annually by the Government, after consultation with social partners, considering inflation, productivity, economic growth, and competitiveness.

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Flash News NA 30/11/2023
E-clic is the new digital counter to contact Portuguese Social Security

e-Clic is the new digital Social Security counter, designed to improve the relationship with this Portuguese Entity. It is available 24/7 and can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This new channel reinforces the rights of citizens and companies, ensuring simpler, faster, dematerialized, and closer communication.

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Flash Notícias NA 31/10/2023
Limites isentos dos valores de compensação pelo teletrabalho

Foram fixados os valores limites de compensação pela prestação de teletrabalho que estão isentos de pagamento de IRS e de contribuições para a Segurança Social, tal como está previsto no nº 6 do artigo 168º do Código do Trabalho.

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Flash Notícias NA 26/10/2023
Fringe Benefits - tipos e vantagens

Os fringe benefits são complementos à remuneração que as empresas oferecem aos seus funcionários. Alguns benefícios são concedidos a todos os trabalhadores, enquanto outros podem ser disponibilizados apenas aos que ocupam certos cargos. Adicionalmente, existem benefícios que são concedidos para compensar os funcionários pelos custos relacionados com o desempenho das suas funções, já outros são voltados para a satisfação geral no trabalho.
Em qualquer caso, os empregadores utilizam os fringe benefits como um instrumento de recrutamento, motivação e retenção de colaboradores.

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