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Surveys from the National Statistics Institute (INE)

Answering surveys from the National Statistics Institute (INE) can be a complex task, requiring time and relevant information that only the Certified Accountant has. Depending on the type of survey, the questions can be of a professional, technical, or financial nature.

Due to the complexity of INE's surveys, the lack of training and necessary information means that many organisations avoid answering the surveys and/or provide false or inaccurate information. In this sense, the support of a Certified Accountant is essential when responding to the requested surveys.

In this article we'll look at what the INE surveys are and what their purpose is, their importance for our country and the obligations of organisations when it comes to collecting statistical data.

What are INE surveys and how is the information obtained?

Firstly, it is essential to realise the importance of the National Statistics Institute, whose mission is to produce and disseminate official statistical information.

This statistical information produced and disseminated by INE should be as accurate as possible since its purpose is to support public and private, individual and collective decision-making and scientific research. In addition, INE also contributes to the preparation of Portuguese national accounts together with other organisations, such as the Bank of Portugal, and also works in partnership with other organisations for European statistical studies.

As such, INE's surveys are the means of arriving at the official statistical data that is published, they have enormous weight at national level and it is essential that they are answered rigorously.

INE's information is obtained from:

Exhaustive surveys - in which all elements of a universe are subject to observation;

Sample surveys - in which data is collected from a representative sample of the universe to be observed. Statistical methods are used in the process of determining the results, enabling the data resulting from the sample to be extrapolated to the universe;

Administrative sources - where data resulting from administrative procedures is used.

Surveys can cover variables to be defined in terms of:

Quantitative - survey responses with reference to quantities;

Qualitative - survey responses based on opinions / perspectives.

Who responds to INE surveys?

Organisations and citizens are the ones who respond to INE's surveys and, in most surveys, they are selected on the basis of sampling methods.

In the specific case of organisations, the selection is made from Statistics Portugal's database containing information on companies and establishments, individual entrepreneurs, associations, central and local government bodies, among others. This database is based on registration data received from the National Register of Legal Entities and is updated using various sources, such as tax information, registers of legal entities and changes known through INE's own surveys.

Is responding to INE surveys obligatory?

Yes. The National Statistical System Law (Law no. 22/2008 of 13 May), in its Article 4 n.1 (Statistical Authority) and Article 4 n.5 of Decree-Law no. 136/2012 of 2 July, imposes the obligation to respond to surveys carried out by INE, within the deadlines set, determining penalties for non-compliance.

How to respond to INE surveys?

In the case of organisations, the answer can be sent electronically, via the INE Portal, or by post. The electronic route is the most practical and effective.

In conclusion, in order for INE to be able to produce, process and disseminate reliable, relevant, up-to-date and indispensable statistical information for decision-making at all levels in our country, the collaboration of the selected organisations is mandatory, decisive and extremely important. When it comes to answering INE surveys, ask your Certified Accountant to do so. This is the person who has the qualified training and, more often than not, the necessary information about your company to answer the surveys correctly, accurately and reliably.


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