Luis Miguel Pires

Human Resources


Since 2011 was a Human Resource Management Technician.




  • Degree in Economics at Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa;
  • Practical Course on Salary Processing and Social Security - 2006;
  • Participation in the course (New tax code), Single Report (Portaria 55/2010, of January 21);
  • Participation in the Coaching Course - 2011 - NHK - Training and New Technologies;
  • Participation in the Seminar "The Labor Market Reforms" - 2012
  • Human Resources Technique since 2011;
  • HR management;
  • Hiring process;
  • Management of procedures inherent to the administrative area of Human Resources;
  • Management and control of schedules records;
  • Management and control of variable components (overtime, night hours, allowances for cash failures, shift allowance, premiums);
  • Assiduity management and control (Medical discharge, parental leave, vacation and absences);
  • Management and control of Compensation Funds;
  • Registration and termination of employees in the Compensation Funds, Social Security;
  • Incentives for Employment;
  • Account closures (expiration of contracts, Compensation);
  • Preparation of various bank files (SEPA and meal cards);
  • Preparation of mandatory monthly legal maps, Social Security, IRS;
  • DMR, Compensation Funds, Documents for the IEFP, Surveys, HR Annual Report;

Portuguese, English and Spanish

  • Advanced user level in MS-Windows, MS-Office;
  • Advanced user on accounting, billing and human resources management software: PHC; PRIMAVERA; CENTRALGEST and SAP.